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Investigating the Case Worker User Experience

The nature of this project is confidential. A brief summary is provided below. I acted as HCD Research Lead coordinating a research team of five over 12 weeks.




A county client requested user-centered design services to enhance the experience of case workers assisting clients in applying and processing public benefit programs. Our objective was to understand the current worker environment across the county in an effort to document the existing business processes, evaluate the current case management system, and seek improvements and opportunities for client service delivery.

We utilized a hybrid business process mapping and human-centered design approach including on
site observations, contextual inquiry, in-depth interviews, and discovery sessions. We sought to broaden our understanding of the worker experience in their everyday workflow with the case management system and serving clients. We documented key moments in the worker journey and discovered barriers/enablers associated with eligibility and processing of client services with the system. The research team interviewed 72 users including case workers, program directors, and county leadership at seven locations across the county; 7 on site observations and 11 discovery sessions.

  • Four Case Worker Mindsets and 8 Modes: a modular form of personas which transforms themes and data points into meaningful worker-centered patterns and relationships.

  • A comprehensive user journey across four divisions and multiple community programs which overlays the mindsets onto modes to identify work needs and perspectives.

  • 14 Themes and 6 insight statements to empathetically determine workers' sentiments and challenges to develop real, actionable opportunities.

  • Concept generation is on-going

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